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Applications and Markets

While Strain Measurement Devices' sensors are used in a vast array of applications from automotive to automation and undersea to outer-space, two markets stand out as extraordinary opportunities: medical instrumentation and pressure measurement. 

Medical instrumentation manufacturers are adding sensing capabilities for closed loop feedback control at an ever-increasing rate.  SMD's extensive experience in design (over 30 years) combined with the flexibility of its proprietary thin film technology, position the company as an unparalleled medical sensor supplier. Inorganic dielectrics linked with precision thin film resistor circuitries are ideal for medical sensing requirements.  Applications include noninvasive disposable set pressure sensing, reagent reservoir flow and weight sensing, toco-dynamometers, medical scales, bag sensing, and orthopedic and physical therapy.  Pressure transducers are an ideal application for SMD's proprietary sputtered thin film strain gauge technology.  Long-term stability is so superior that SMD sensors are the core sensing technology in some pressure calibrators used to calibrate other manufacturer's pressure transducers.

Rough service, high temperature and harsh environment are some of the places in which we excel.  We have temperature coefficients that are orders of magnitude better than silicon transducers and are linear from -40°C to +150°C and higher. Stainless steel and Hastelloy™ wetted surfaces (without oil fill) offer superior performance. Diaphragm sensors can include integral RTD's, 500Vac dielectric strength, and ranges of 30 psi through 30,000 psi (2 bar though 2000 bar). Lower range pressure sensors to inches of water full scale are available.  Our long term stability and repeatability are unsurpassed.
Strain Measurement Devices also has a complete line of   liquid level switches  follow the link to our other site to see more details
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