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Sensors For Rocking Bioreactor Growth Systems

Market: Bioprocessing | Product Line: Load Cells


Customer is building single use culture growing systems. The Bioreactor “rocks” the culture in order to promote growth. This is done by moving liquid around the cultures by rocking a bag back and forth, and forward and backward. Mixing and exposing the cells in liquid to oxygen in the bag. Each device has sensors which are used to monitor the motion of the culture during the process.

Customer Challenge:

In need of a stable, high quality device to sense the force applied to the cultures while being rocked. Desired a supplier who could quickly and effectively troubleshoot any issues.

SMD Sensor Solution:

Strain Measurement Devices provided the customer with a standard model S500 load cell with custom bar codes, and mounting for the customer’s culture growing system. SMD solved quality problems from a previous supplier, providing the customer with performance data, and delivering rapid customer requested changes.