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S251 Application Notes & Mounting Suggestions

S251 Application Notes & Mounting Suggestions General Description: The S251 Sensor is a family of monolithic aluminum or stainless steel bodied structures (depending on capacity) with a proprietary thin film technology strain gage applied, capable of producing a linear, analog …

Technical Note: Signal Conditioning – I2C Output

Technical Note: Signal Conditioning – I2C Output I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a communication protocol that is often used to transfer data from sensors to processors and micro-controllers. Many of our sensors are provided with an I2C output or can be …

Technical Note: Combined Bubble and Occlusion Sensors

Combined Bubble and Occlusion Sensors Strain Measurement Devices has core competencies in load cells, ultrasonic sensors, electronics design, and mechanical design, because of our robust sensor lines we have the unique opportunity for space saving, combined sensors. Solving multiple sensor …

Technical Note: Bubble Sensors – Tubing Selection

Bubble Sensors – Tubing Selection Strain Measurement Devices’ standard bubble sensors will function with almost any soft or semi-rigid plastic or rubber tube. However, SMD can also design sensors for almost any tubing material. The main considerations with any tube …

Technical Note: Bubble Sensors – Bubble Size Calibration

Bubble Sensors – Bubble Size Calibration Do I need a calibrated bubble sensor? Many applications only require knowing whether the tube is full of air or water, i.e. gross air detection; the size of the minimum bubble detected is often …

Technical Note: Bubble Sensors – Test Pin

Bubble Sensors – Test Pin SMD Bubble Sensors have an optional test pin that is often required for medical device applications. On our standard sensors, the last digit of the part number denotes whether the test pin is enabled or …

Technical Note: Bubble Sensors – Technology Overview

Bubble Sensors – Technology Overview What is the operating principle for SMD (Strain Measurement Devices) bubble sensors? Most SMD sensors are designed to operate non-invasively through the walls of a tube without the use of grease or other acoustic coupling …

Technical Note: S251 Overload Proof Assembly

Purpose: This mounting and loading scheme protects the sensor from overloading forces in tension, compression and torsion

Technical Note: S100 Overload Stop Mount

Purpose: This mount protects the sensor from damage by side and compression loads larger than full scale.

Technical Note: Rig Tension Sensor series of Dead-Eyes

Technical Note: S1000 series Rig Tension Sensor series of Dead-Eyes Strain Measurement Devices, a world leader in thin film strain gages, introduces the world’s most highly engineered group of Dead Eye and Rig Tension Sensors.   Using our sensor and strain …

Technical Note: Overload Proof Low Profile Platform Scale Sensor

Low force range (450 grams to 9Kg) center point load cells

Technical Note: Resolution and Accuracy

Resolution deals with the lowest force or voltage detectable

Accuracy means resolving that detected force and reliably normalizing it to an (international) standard.