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Configurable and customizable to work with one to six fluid levels, this float switch meets a nearly-endless number of needs. Our experienced engineers will work with you to design a multilevel fluid switch appropriate for your application to indicate or maintain tank levels. For more Multi-Point Float Switch options or to customize visit our partner site SMD Fluidswitch: Multi-Level


FM10 – Miniature Multilevel Float Switch

The FM10 Liquid Level sensor measures multiple level points, ideal for small and medium tank level detection in restrictive spaces. It can be mounted externally through 1” or larger NPT holes to sense multiple levels. Stems come standard, with steel, Buna, or plastic floats available. It provides corrosion resistance and versatility across a variety of liquid media.


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FM20 – Multilevel Float Switch

The FM20 Liquid Level sensor is built for almost any application.  Multilevel float switches are rugged and stainless steel, designed for full-size tank level detection. Corrosion-resistant. Can handle high max pressures and temperatures.

UL Class 1 Div 1



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