Technical Note: S251 Overload Proof Assembly

SMD manufactures a wide variety of low range force sensors using our proprietary thin film technology, long term stability and it’s concise performances are unsurpassed. The thin-film manufacturing process allows the creation of a high resistance full bridge without the use of glues or organic materials between the flexure and the metal sensing film.  These sensors will last forever as long as they are protected, meaning the base metal flexure is never plastically deformed. When stresses below the yield point of the host flexure are maintained these sensors will perform for many million cycles faithfully retaining their initial zero offset.  This means that your measurements will always be accurate and there won’t be any need for zero re-calibration either before or after an extended test.

An environment is needed to preserve the sensor’s integrity and that is exactly what the overload protection mounts do.  A small gap underneath the sensor ensures that the sensor bottoms out after full scale load is achieved and subsequently shunts higher forces directly to ground. The hook doesn’t allow compression forces to be transmitted to the sensors and restrains some of the torques applied so the sensor remains safe in almost any combination of loads.  

This assembly is intended for the 3 kg and lower ranges

Order your S251 factory pre-assembled to the overload protecting mount with hook installed or with sub-components separately as desired.

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