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Vertical liquid level sensors can be mounted either at the top or bottom of a tank/vessel and feature a stem and a float. The stem is stationary and attaches to the tank with one or more reed switches hermetically sealed inside. The float is a doughnut-shaped object placed around the stem that rises and falls with the level of the liquid. When the level of the float aligns with the level of the reed switch inside the stem, it magnetically actuates the reed switch sending an electrical signal through the wires to the outside of the tank. For more Vertical Switch options or to customize visit our partner site SMD Fluidswitch: Vertical


FS25-Plastic Float Switch

The miniature FS25 Vertical Plastic Float Switch is part of a product line offering some of the most compact float sensors on the market. Ideal for general use in applications where tank intrusion needs to be kept to a minimum. These micro-switches are made from white polypropylene with silicone O-rings, M8 thread, and an ultra-small stem for easy mounting.


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FS21-Stainless Steel Float Switch

The full-size FS21 Vertical Stainless Steel Float Switch can be customized to meet specific needs. Corrosive resistance with a durable design makes this float switch ideal for water & chemical applications. It can be used in hazardous environments.  

UL Class 1 Div 1



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