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Side-mounted float switches are mounted through a hermetically sealed hole on the side of a tank/vessel. When the level of the tank’s liquid rises or falls past the level of the float, the float will rise and fall with it, activating the switch. Wires send an electric signal to the outside of the tank through the watertight seal, making these components essential for accurate monitoring or regulation of fluid levels in many contexts. For more Horizontal Switch options or to customize visit our partner site SMD Fluidswitch: Horizontal


FH-13 Side Mounted Level Sensor

The FH13 Horizontal Stainless Steel Float Switch can be customized to meet specific needs for high-stress applications. Features corrosive resistance with a durable design. Functional at high maximum temperatures and pressures.


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FH-VIW Side Mounted Float Switch

The FH-VIW Horizontal Plastic Float Switch is a 90-degree side-mounted sensor offering dependability and long life. The design eliminates problems typically encountered with “pivot type” side-mounted float switches.


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