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Strain Measurement Devices is committed to research and development – ensuring continuous improvement to our sensors and manufacturing processes. Capital expenditures ensure the availability of our state-of-the-art factory to deliver high-quality sensors efficiently, all doing so by continuing to re-invest significant shares of SMD earnings into the business.  Most importantly, Strain Measurement Devices strongly supports the education and training of our employees. Combined with an outstanding effort of the SMD team, strategic investments are intended to maintain and improve our company’s technology leadership position. Exciting in-progress projects involve expansion of our ultra-sonic level switch technology into other measurement capabilities, including Ultrasonic Air-In-Line Sensors and Ultrasonic, non

invasive flow measurement.

Custom Engineering

Strain Measurement Devices provides a vast array of miniature sensors to accurately measure force, pressure, acceleration, and other physical parameters. SMD’s unrivaled engineering team designs customized sensors for unique requirements and aggressive cost targets. Approximately 90% of our products are custom designed, meeting highly specialized needs of OEMs. Typical custom requirements include, small sizes, high temperature, low capacities, “Cenelec” dielectric, and over-load proof sensors. One of the fastest growing developments in Strain Measurement Devices is our ability to create complete, value-added Sub-assemblies, which incorporate one or more sensors, signal conditioning, electronics, and other features. Products range from sensors, to fully-packaged transducers, to data acquisition systems. SMD will custom engineer a sensor or sensing system for you – like no other company can.


Specialization (but not limited to…)

  • Load Cell and Pressure Sensor Design
  • Occlusion Sensing
  • Non-contact Pressure and Flow Detection
  • Ultrasonic Bubble Detection
  • Ultra-Small/Precision Sensors
  • Toco-Dynamometer Sensors (SMD is one of the world’s largest suppliers)
  • Optical Planometers
  • Critical Fluid Care Dispensing and Monitoring needed in Medical Sensing
  • Peripheral Medical Devices and Packaging to Sense Weight, Force, or Pressure
  • Laboratory Instruments Sensing Subassemblies
  • Custom and Standard Fluid Level Sensing using Ultrasonic and Float Level Sensing
  • Industrial Force and Pressure Measurements and Custom Assemblies

Addressing your specifications, SMD will work with you to generate key parameters to be monitored experimentally throughout conception and production. We can work with your Finite Element Analysis or create our own to simulate our designs before any parts are machines. Explore some examples of our Custom Sensor Designs.


Strain Measurement Devices is a world leader in specialty sensor designs, expanding far beyond measuring strain. SMD create load cells, strain gauge sensors, and electrical flow measuring sensors for a variety of products, used in a wide range of applications. Custom sensors, noninvasive pressure and flow sensors, occlusion sensors, force sensors, low capacity load cells, scales, liquid level sensors, float switches, and pressure transducers are used in numerous markets like medical, industrial, aerospace, and other OEM’s. Leading edge technology is used in all of SMD’s products.

SMD Sensors uses Thin-film technology, offering superior long-term stability, minimal power consumption, and miniaturization capabilities.

Our engineering and development staff support all product design, shorten development cycles, and provide production-engineered solutions.

Strain Measurement Devices Advantages

  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Flexible Technology for Unique Shapes and Sizes
  • Full Bridge up to 10,000 ohms
  • Low & Linear Temperature Effects
  • Ultra Low Temperature Coefficients of Resistance (TCRs), less than 5 ppm
  • Miniaturization through “Micro” Thin-Film Geometries
  • ISO 9000 Quality Approved
  • ISO 13485 Approved

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