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The B472 Pressure Sensor is a reliable sensor that offers a full Wheatstone bridge and a thin film strain gauge. Sputtered directly onto the sensor, thin film technology creates a high, long term stability and extremely low power consumption. The pressure sensor is made with stainless steel and can be used with a pressure fitting or welded to an additional pressure system component (valve or manifold). Pressure fittings can be supplied by the customer or can be custom designed for application specific mounting.

The B472 can be customized for high temperature and pressure OEM applications, the standard part can survive in harsh environments like submarine applications in ocean water.

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Features: Applications:
· Compact, low profile design
· High, long-term stability
· Low power consumption
· Low hysteresis
· Pressure transducers/calibrators
· Hydraulics
· Down-hole
· Aerospace



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