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Custom Ultrasonic Bubble Sensors

Custom Air-In-Line and Bubble Sensors utilize proprietary digital bubble detection systems that allow precise bubble size calibration for a range of fluids, allowing extremely accurate bubble detection, as small as one microliter. Ultrasonic Bubble Sensors offer superior repeatability, reliability, and custom-ability for a wide variety of non-invasive bubble and air-in-line applications.. Combination Sensors: Combined occlusion and bubble detection sensors provide more compact options by being integrated, offering measurements like occlusions, flow, and air-in-line. Approximately 90% of Strain Measurement Devices’ products are custom designed: these sensors meet the more specialized needs of OEM’s, our experienced engineers will work with you to develop and deliver a custom prototype to suit your application needs.

· Noninvasive Technology
· Available for a Wide Range of Tubing Materials & Sizes
· Ideally Suited for OEM Applications
· Low Power Consumption
· Combination Bubble/Occlusion Sensors Available
· Medical Devices
· Semiconductor Processing
· Pharmaceutical
· Food Dispensing Equipment
· Chemical Processing
· Oil and Gas
· Integral Tube Clamping
· 3.3 VDC Input Optional
· Redundant Sensing Capability
· Relay/Custom Output Signal
· Red/Green LED for Visual Indication
· Combination Bubble/Occlusion Sensor
· Remote Electronics for Small Form Factor

· Steel
· Plastic (PVC, Fluoropolymers, including Teflon, Polyethylene, Nylon, Etc)
· Silicone
· Glass
· Etc
· Standard tubes sizes: 1/16″ OD – 1/2″ OD
· Custom bubble sensors are available for larger tubes


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