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The A215 Bubble Sensor is part of the newest generation of off-the-shelf bubble sensors designed to detect bubbles noninvasively in 5/32” outside diameter tubing. Designed with our OEM Medical Device customers in mind, it features all the most requested features and options to streamline designs and optimize performance. The sensor includes our newest digital noninvasive ultrasonic bubble sensing technology to reliably detect bubbles in any liquid through a wide variety of rigid and soft tubing materials.


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  • Detects air in liquid-filled tubes non-invasively
  • Bubble size can be custom-calibrated to detect bubbles as small as 50% of the tube inside diameter
  • Dry-couples to tubing (no grease or acoustic coupling material needed)
  • Functions out of the box with a variety of tube materials including rigid plastics (e.g. fluoropolymers), soft plastics, and rubbers.
  • Integrated test function
  • Medical Devices
    • Infusion Pumps
    • Enteral Feeding Pumps
    • Power Injectors for Contrast Media
    • Cooling Pumps for RF Ablation
    • Cancer Therapy
    • Anesthesia Delivery
    • Cell Therapy
    • Fluid Warmers
    • Immunoassay Systems
    • Dialysis
    • Blood Management
    • Drug and Nutrient Compounding
  • Chemical Processing Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Instruments
  • Other OEM Products
  • Food Processing
  • Biotech analysis

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