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In today’s world, you need to trust your sensors.

For nearly 30 years, Strain Measurement Devices has built an exceptional level of trust across diverse markets. Whether it is a noninvasive flow sensor for medical device manufacturers, a rugged pressure sensor for oil and gas exploration, or a miniature load cell for aerospace applications, our customers need the utmost confidence in the sensors they embed in the heart of their devices. For unerring accuracy and exceptional long-term performance, they depend on SMD Sensors.

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Clamp-on Flowmeter for Heart Lung Machines Provide Reassurance During Critical Surgeries

While any surgical procedure can be dangerous, for patients with acute, life-threatening conditions, critical surgeries being performed by doctors are especially important and a time when procedures must be followed closely and with extreme precision. In many of these scenarios, …

ClearLine MD's IV

Effect of Air Embolisms on The Human Circulatory System

When it comes to medical devices, few are as vital as intravenous lines (IV). While IV lines continue to save countless lives, in rare cases they can cause severe harm or death if air bubbles are allowed to enter a …

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