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Capacitive Level Sensors Get continuous liquid level measurements non-invasively by taking advantage of the difference in dielectric constant between air and most liquids Medical Sensor Applications Critical fluid management, occlusion detection, air-in-line sensors & more for Medical Application Solutions Load Cells & Pressure Sensors Featuring thin-film strain gauge technology, unsurpassed accuracy, and exceptionally low power consumption Fluid Management Sensors Featuring standard & custom sensors for diverse fluid measurement applications

Strain Measurement Devices

In today’s world, you need to trust your sensors.

For 44 years, Strain Measurement Devices has built an exceptional level of trust across diverse markets. Whether it is a noninvasive flow sensor for medical device manufacturers, a rugged pressure sensor for oil and gas exploration, or a miniature load cell sensor for aerospace applications, our customers need the utmost confidence in the sensors they embed in the heart of their devices. For unerring accuracy and exceptional long-term performance, they depend on SMD Sensors.

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Custom Load Cells

What is a Load Cell? Clarifying the Terminology around Measuring Force

You need to measure force for your design project, but you don’t know exactly what to search for. Do you need a strain gauge? A load cell? A force sensor? A load cell sensor? A force sensitive resistor? These terms …

What are Non-Invasive Sensors?

What are Non-Invasive Sensors?

In society today, technology plays a crucial role in almost all industries as well as in our personal life. In particular, the healthcare and medical sector is where technology is essential. Combining the latest technologies and medical device software development; …

thin film strain gauge sensors

Understanding Strain Gauges in Load Cells (Thin Film vs. Bonded Foil. vs. Silicon)

Strain gauges are a type of sensor used to measure a change in force by way of tension and compression. Typically, four strain gauges are used in a Wheatstone Bridge configuration to make up a load cell (a.k.a force sensor). …

liquid pressure and flow water

Noninvasive Pressure Measurements using Thin-Film Sensors

Critical Fluid Management in medical applications requires precise, repeatable, and reliable measurements. Strain Measurement Devices is a leading sensor manufacturer covering a vast array of measurement systems. There’s an important need for sensors that alert any critical interruption in infusion, …

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