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Combined Occlusion and Bubble Detection. A combined sensor that occupies less space when integrated, to measure occlusions, flow, and air-in-line.

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Features: Applications:
· Unique patent-pending geometry
· Compact size, using less critical space
· Low power consumption
· Customer-specific designed
· Overload protection
· Custom force ranges
· Medical instrumentation
· Noninvasive sensing
· Peristaltic pumps
· Syringe pumps
· Kidney dialysis
· Occlusion & Bubble detection


SMD is in a unique position to put in place for you a miniature solution to occlusion and bubble detection. We already produce a wide variety of occlusion detectors and have a unique solution to bubble sensing needs. We are able to package in one housing a sensor that measures bubbles of a wide variety of sizes and our miniature occlusion detector. Our sensors and assembly have earned a reputation for being the most durable in the industry. SMD offers the smallest package size available and is an industry leader in miniature sensing in critical fluid delivery systems. No company has more experience in this medical and industrial specialization. Ask us about how to implement a solution for you: we are happy to share the wealth of our knowledge from our 30+ years of sensing key parameters in fluids.


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