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Custom Engineering and Design

Approximately 90% of SMD products are custom designed to meet the highly specialized needs of OEMs and their aggressive cost targets. This is a testament to the in-depth knowledge and customer-centric focus of our engineers — many of whom have been designing sensors, interfaces and surrounding components for over 30 years.

SMD Sensors Manufacturing
SMD Sensors at Trade Show

Investment & Growth Strategy

SMD Sensors reinvests a significant share of earnings back into the business. With today’s rapidly changing technology, our unwavering commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and processes is more crucial than ever. Including substantial capital investments to keep our facilities on the leading-edge, along with continual education for our highly trained and motivated employees, the sum total is a growth strategy designed to further improve our position as technological leaders.

Approvals & Certifications

In both the US and UK, our stringent quality management systems are supported and maintained by top management and standards are adhered to at all levels within the company. With multiple certifications such as ISO 9001  (USA and UK) and ISO 13485 (USA) for medical device manufacturing, our total quality focus creates a culture for excellence across everything we do.

SMD Sensors Building

Our Facitlities

Through continual reinvestment and improvement, SMD has built an industry-leading set of strategically located facilities. This provides our valued engineering, manufacturing and technical sales staff with the requisite technology to create and deliver products of outstanding value. This culture of excellence is extended further through sustainable sourcing and manufacturing — positioning our facilities as bona fide role models for corporate eco-friendly construction and operations.

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What are Non-Invasive Sensors?

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