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The OS5 basic optical liquid level switch is an analogue optics only solution created for high volume OEM applications as a low cost option. This sensor requires the customer to interface the switch to their application with additional engineering support from SMD. Optical sensors are an ideal option for non invasive liquid level sensing, this miniature switch detects the presence or absence of almost any fluid type in temperatures up to 80°C.

This basic optical sensor requires a clean, protected, and stable power supply as well as a micro-controller or circuit to determine the sensors data, based on its analogue output voltage. This sensor feature different housing and mounting options, is made from polysulfone or trogamid®, and take up an area of no more than 23 mm.

This optical level sensor is compact in size, with a lack of moving parts, ideal for monitoring equipment like vending machines and automotive parts, optical liquid sensors operate accurately and is a go-to detector for leaks. The OS5 offers multiple housing options for internal or external sensor mounting and is available in two chemically resistant housing materials, polysulfone, the standard choice for most applications or trogamid®, typically used in food and beverage applications.


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