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The SMD Engineering team includes experienced electronics engineers who can design fully integrated sensor solutions to provide precise and accurate outputs. Electronics can be designed for a range of uses including filtering, averaging, temperature compensation and calibration.

We offer almost any analog or digital protocol, including sensor I2C output, SPI, PWM, sensor USB output, 4-20mA load cell conditioning, 0-5V conditioning — along with wireless sensors utilizing Zigbee or Bluetooth. Whether you need miniature electronics to communicate directly with your infusion pump's microprocessor, a precisely calibrated output to feed directly into your PLC, or a device to easily gather data from a load cell in your lab, SMD can customize a product for your application.


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Signal Inputs


signal conditioner usb load cell and pressure sensors connection E370 DSC-USB Strain Module

Load Cells and Pressure Sensors

Resistance Bridge


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E120 Circuit E120 Conditioner Board

Pressure, Load Cells, & Occlusion Sensors

7-40 VDC

4-20 mA Current Loop

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E110 Circuit E110 Conditioner Board

Load Cells, Pressure, & Occlusion Sensors

5-24 VDC Vdc

I2C or 0.5-4.5 VDC

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