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Custom Engineering & Design

Leaders in cost-effective custom engineering.

When you engage with our expert team of sensor/system engineers, it is the beginning of a highly collaborative relationship that leads to superior application-specific results. We can work from your specifications, or help you generate the key parameters for testing and development. We will work from your Finite Element Analysis, or create one to simulate our custom design, before any parts are machined. The entire process is backed by our comprehensive in house engineering and production capabilities, including calibration, testing and rapid prototyping via on-premises 3D printing.

Powerful and precise packages with miniaturized footprints.

SMD is able to achieve exceptional levels of miniaturization — while producing high-precision devices that withstand the rigors of extended service, high temperatures and harsh operating environments. The results include standard bubble sensors that detect bubbles as small as 0.1 microliters, load cells with capacity ranges of milligrams to 5000 Kg, and noninvasive inline flow meters with accuracy ranges within 1% to 2%.

Hybrid sensor solutions for complex challenges.

At SMD Sensors, one of the most unique advantages we offer is the ability to design custom sensors that combine multiple technologies in a single sensor package. As the only company with core competencies in both load cells (30+ years) and ultrasonic sensors (10 years), we are able to combine bubble, pressure, occlusion, flow rate, temperature, density and position sensors into a multifaceted sub-assembly.

Engineering/design specialties:

a partial listing

  • Load cell and pressure sensor design
  • Occlusion sensing
  • Non-contact pressure and flow detection
  • Ultrasonic bubble detection
  • Medical sensing needs for critical fluid care dispensing and monitoring
  • Ultra-small and precision sensors
  • Tocodynamometer sensors SMD is one of the world’s largest suppliers
  • Optical planometers
  • Peripheral medical devices and packaging to sense weight, force or pressure
  • Laboratory instrument sensing subassemblies
  • Custom and standard fluid level sensing using ultrasonic and float level sensing
  • Industrial force and pressure measurements and custom assemblies
  • Liquid Level – Ultrasonic
  • Float Reed Switch, single and multi-point level
  • Optical Switch
  • Capacitance, Point-Level and Continuous Level

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