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The A330 Bubble Sensor is one of our standard sensors for use with most 3/16″ OD tubing. Using proprietary digital noninvasive ultrasonic bubble sensing technology, the A330 accurately and reliably detects bubbles in a wide variety of fluids and tubing materials. Custom characteristics can be provided for OEM users. Our experienced engineers will work with you to develop and deliver a custom prototype to suit your application's needs.

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Features: Applications:
· Optional integrated self-test function
· Power consumption as low as 3mA on some models
· Dry-couples with a variety of tubing materials
· Custom pinouts, cables, and connectors available
· Digital “smart” circuit for superior customability
· Noninvasive ultrasonic bubble sensing technology
· Optional red/green LED for visual output indication
· Medical instrumentation
· Semiconductor processing
· Food dispensing equipment
· Chemical processing
· Pharmaceutical industry


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