Mounting a “Panel Mount” Bubble Sensor

One major consideration when integrating a bubble sensor into any device is how to mount it. Often, a device needs to maintain a certain level of ingress protection as defined in the Ingress Protection Code or simply “IP Code”, international standard EN 60529. Our “AX1X series” bubble sensors are designed to be incorporated into an IP67 system. This means that, when mounted properly, an enclosure containing the sensor will not leak when submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Intended Mounting

The panel that the sensor mates with has a rectangular cut-out that allows the part of the sensor that holds the tube to protrude through the panel. The larger back end of the sensor (which is not waterproof) sits on the other side of the panel, sealed off by a silicone gasket. Two bosses on the inside of the panel hold threaded inserts and the sensor is secured in place using the two through holes in the sensor designed for M2.5 or #4-40 screws. See Figure 1 for an example of this mounting configuration.


Figure 1 – A310 Bubble Sensor mounted in a custom panel



To make the design process as easy as possible, we have created CAD models of our recommended mounting configuration for all of the AX1X bubble sensors available for download on our website. These models include a custom stamped adhesive-backed silicone gasket that can be purchased separately and can be applied to the sensor. These CAD models are intended to be a starting point for the design process and must be validated before using them in critical applications. Tolerance stack-ups, material compatibles, and any other relevant factors must be analyzed independently.



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Choosing the Right Bubble Sensor

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