Custom Tubing for Standard Bubble Sensors

Proper bubble sensor functionality is partially dependent on the tubing that is used with it. For unique tubes (thick walls, rigid tubes, etc.) we recommend sending us a sample of your tubing using the following procedure:

1: Discuss your application with us. SMD Sensors will request a sample of your tubing to be tested.

2: Send us a sample of your tubing and note the bubble sensor you want it tested with plus tubing information including the inside diameter, outside diameter, material, manufacturer, and part number, if available. Tubes may be sent to the following address*:

Attn: Sales, Strain Measurement Devices, Inc. – 55 Barnes Industrial Park N, Wallingford, CT 06492

3: Our Engineering department will log the tube into our system and complete some preliminary testing to determine if the tube will be suitable for our standard bubble sensors. We will provide you with a “tube number” that acts as an internal designator for your tubing, for example “T000”

4: When you order the sensors append your tube designator onto the part number with a dash before it. For example, if you want to order an A430-MLTD tested with your tube number “T000” you would order part number “A430-MLTD-T000”.

5: We will run our standard test procedure with your tubing before shipping the bubble sensors. Note that this test will only check if the sensor detects a tube full of air and a tube full of water. See our Technical Note on Tube Calibration if more complex calibration is required.

*Note, if you’re located in Europe you may send your tube to this address: Attn: Sales – Strain Measurement Devices, Ltd. Bury Road, Chedburgh Bury St Edmunds IP29 4UQ England