Technical Note: Overload Proof Low Profile Platform Scale Sensor

SMD manufactures a family of low force range (450 grams to 9Kg) center point load cells that are made for small size platform scales typically no larger than 9 x 9 inches.  Lower range force sensors are more likely to get overloaded so we also make a unique mounting that will make these sensors almost unbreakable. These mounts will allow the sensor to see up to 10X Full Scale load in compression and tension.  They also provide a great deal of side load and torsion protection.


  • Complete overload protection in 2-axis
  • Protects against torques and moments along major axis.
  • Easy to mount with 6-32 threaded holes
  • Comes with shim on top to mount a platform
  • Can be used in tension and compression
  • Bergstick female connector can be purchased prewired. (.1” centers)
  • 5000 Ohm thin film full bridge.
  • Can be purchased fully temp compensated or intrinsic specification. (.01% FSO/C or .03%FSO/C)

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