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Level Sensors for Effective Oil Spill Containment Systems

Spill containment is important and requires immediate response to be effective. By stopping the spread of a spill (whether chemical, oil sewage or some other substance) it’s possible to curb the ill effects – such as absorption or spread of bacteria or corrosive chemicals.

Oil spills are arguably some of the most dangerous as they threaten public health, the environment and leave lasting issues for wildlife. For this reason, spill containment systems specifically designed for oil situations can be critical to have in a number of scenarios. Here’s a look at the ways level sensors can be added to these systems to further their accuracy and response rate and to help those responsible for oil spill containment to do their jobs.

Preventing Catastrophes

Maintaining a clean and safe world is important for our future generations. Industries that transport or handle dangerous liquids in any way are under strict rules to prevent catastrophes from leaks and spills. To do so they use removable mats, large trays, and pallets as well as foam-walled berms as a way to keep any possible spill contained. This is a key step in preventing the problems of spills but there is still more that can be done to stop system failures, pollution, and fines from occurring.

Equipment Failure

Even with no holes or overflow that would cause fluid to leak, sometimes equipment failure can be the culprit of an oil spill. Consider a situation where liquids typically maintained at a temperature suddenly become too hot and liquefy. In these cases, having a backup, like a level sensor or float switch to monitor liquid levels or sense temperatures and activate a switch when something falls outside of the set parameters could have prevented a very serious situation from ever occurring.

Optical low-level sensors, point level switches, and continuous monitoring switches can all be used in and around tanks to offer that layer of reassurance to companies and to the public.

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