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Custom Sensors to Monitor Moisture In Agriculture  

Market: Agricultural | Product Line: Load Cells


The Moisture Content Sensor is used to determine moisture contained in items through the use of a scale.

Customer Challenge:

In need of a customized miniature device to measure moisture in objects as small as grains. Moisture sensors are operated on battery power and as a result needs a sensor with very low power consumption.

SMD Sensor Solution:

Strain Measurement Devices designed a custom S251 load cell OEM sensor that is smaller than a standard device. In addition a custom mounting hardware was integrated for customer specific scale application and sensor overload protection provided.

Overload Protection:

Strain Measurement Devices has designed an overload feature that prevents the load cell from deflection beyond it’s 200% maximum limit. This design allows the customer to write operation  procedures with confidence, therefore their instrument will survive well beyond it’s warranty specification.

S251 Application Notes & Mounting Suggestions