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Custom Sensors For Neonatal Screening

Market: Life Sciences | Product Line: Load Cells


Automated Neonatal Screening is used to test newborns for inherited disorders. Blood samples are subjected to various neonatal assays. The customer’s instrument enables continuous sample and reagent loading.

Customer Challenge:

Load cells were used to accurately weigh reagent and waste bottles. Remaining reagent levels as well as re-performance were required for this OEM testing machine. Even after training, operators of the instrument could potentially overload the weight sensor requiring factory repair and instrument down-time. Long term sensor accuracy was critical to the business value position of this instrument for this market.

SMD Sensor Solution:

Strain Measurement Devices selected the standard S220 and S230 load cells to provide both the accuracy and long life required for this application.

Longer Life: The Wheatstone Bridge circuit included in these load cells are created using a vacuum sputtering process. Where other manufacturers offer adhesive bonded circuits which can delaminate with exposure to humidity, vibration, or shock. Strain Measurement Devices’ sputtered circuits are atomically bonded directly to the surface of the metal load cell structure with no adhesives. The result is more robust sensor design capable of high accuracy and extended long life.

Overload Protection: Strain Measurement Devices designed an overload feature that prevented the load cell from deflection beyond it’s 250% maximum limit. This design allowed the customer to write operating procedures with confidence that their instrument would survive beyond it’s warranty specification.