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Ultra High Purity Pressure Sensor

Market: Semiconductor | Product Line: Pressure Sensors


A pressure sensor for an ultra high purity measurement in a semiconductor fabrication facility. Requires high accuracy, consistent temperature performance, and a 500 Vac specification.

Customer Challenge:

In need of a custom sensor that has a highly polished, noncorrosive wetted surface, and electron beam welded to a custom housing unit. Sensor is being used to replace an oil filled pressure sensor with an isolating diaphragm.

SMD Sensor Solution:

Strain Measurement Devices designed a custom corrosion resistant sensor, using Hastelloy™ base material. The wetted side of the sensor was polished to meet the finish requirements. The strain gauge bridge was designed to be 5000 omhs, to enable low power consumption. SMD has experience in the semiconductor industry with UHP applications, creating a more accurate and resistant product.

SMD pressure sensors can handle a wide variety of force measurements, both repeatably and accurately. Featuring thin-film technology strain gauge, etched into the sensor allows for the use in strict purity and high temperature environments.