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Steam Flow Measurement

Market: Industrial | Product Line: Load Cells


The Steam Flow Measurement device is used in an in-line flow meter as the primary sensing element. A velocity probe placed directly in the path of the steam is repeatedly deflected by the steam which is measured accurately by a thin-film strain gauge element As the steam flow increases, the sensor deflects proportionally. This device helps improve the efficiency of commercial and government buildings.

Customer Challenge:

Looking for an all in one, hermetically sealed measuring device, designed and built to fit in an existing transmitter package. Together with existing temperature and pressure measurements, the transmitter can accurately monitor flow rate.

SMD Sensor Solution:

Strain Measurement Devices provided sensors with high temperature and overload protection, with high measurement accuracy. SMD offered a thin film sensor, and the ability to build the entire assembly, including electron beam welding. Further, detailed test data was digitized into the bar codes of each part.