Measuring Moisture with Optical Sensors

We cover the topic of measurement quite a bit here on the blog. It’s an important factor in the operation of our sensors, however, in this post we wanted to focus specifically on the topic of moisture and the intricacies involved in measuring this variable and how optical sensors can be critical to the process.

First, it’s important to understand what moisture is.  It can come in the form of a gas (think of water vapor in the air) or the presence of actual liquid (usually in small amounts).

Depending on the environment where it’s present, moisture has the potential to contaminate, reduce quality and even pose harmful risks.

Why controlling moisture and measuring it is important.

The issue is that accurate measurement can be difficult to gather – especially consistently.

That’s where SMD Sensors come in. Our Moisture Content Sensor is used to determine moisture contained in items through the use of a scale. Since the sensor is operated on battery power it also needs to have very low power consumption. Using custom-designed specifications we’ve met the needs of agricultural and other industrial companies.

Now back to the issues of moisture. When we’re setting up sensors for these applications, we’re assisting with tasks to measure the presence before it has the chance to penetrate and corrode materials that would put operations at risk.

Another use case is in clean rooms. Monitoring any vapor in these applications is critical and requires exact calibration. Here, optical sensors make a terrific option because they offer precisely monitored conditions.

If you’re worried about the potential for moisture to cause expensive problems or catastrophic failures at your operations, get in touch with our engineering team 

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