Today’s night clubs are a far cry from the disco halls of the ’70s. While there is still plenty of music and crowds dancing to their favorite tunes, the modern clubbing crowd wants interaction and over the top special effects to truly enjoy their night out.

Forward-thinking club owners who understand this desire from customers are turning to help from special effects companies like Salvin Design & Effects. This entertainment company offers unique services and has been delivering a cutting-edge experience for over 30 years.

Part of their product offerings includes LED, water effects, CO2, and even confetti. They also offer digital signage, design and layout, and sound and video effects for night clubs.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with sensors? The answer is simple; functionality. In order for the amazing water effects to happen, these water screens, fountains, and other parts and accessories must operate with exact timing and measurement.ultrasonic optical sensors metal and plastic

Picture a giant water cannon for the night clubs entertainment. It needs optical sensors and pumps that are going to allow the pressure of the water to come out with appropriate force so that it propels as needed. Whether you need to shoot water 100 feet in an area so it sprinkles over a whole crowd or transforms a pool party event – the possibilities are endless.

Optical sensors in the water cannon make this possible. Take for example SMD’s OS950 miniature plastic optical level sensors. They are great for all applications where reliability at the best price point is important. There is also the OS150 high pressure optical liquid level sensor, made of stainless steel and glass for point level sensing. Not only is it corrosion resistant, but it also detects the presence and absence of fluid while being able to withstand pressures up to 250 PSI.


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