Experimental chemists, biologists, and medical scientists often seek to measure the presence of small molecules within their solutions. Doing so allows for testing a wide variety of different medical hypotheses. This important research depends on repeatable and highly accurate medical devices and analytical instruments. As fluid flows through these instruments, there is a potential for bubbles to form in the fluid. Bubbles may be caused by small leaks at connections or from outgassing if the device or instrument applies heat to the fluid. Bubbles can cause significant errors in the collected data and if undetected can affect the reliability of the device and the research performed.

The challenge, of course, is that air bubbles within this space can be quite small. So, how can scientists detect these tiny air bubbles? By fitting diagnostic testing tools with custom bubble sensors.

How Custom Bubble Sensors Can Keep Biochemical Testing Tools Accurate Custom Bubble Sensors

With bubble sizes approaching several microliters, one would need a detector capable of such small bubble detection. Fortunately, we at SMD Sensors can develop bubble detectors that do just that. Our bubble sensors can be fitted non-invasively on the outside of the tubing. Precise calibration and robust algorithms are used to create a very reliable and repeatable bubble sensor.

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Whether you need to detect bubbles in an IV line or a diagnostic testing tube, we can develop a solution that is sure to fit your needs. From initial inception to design and execution–our experienced sensor engineers will gladly construct a sensor that will make your application shine. 

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