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Our Custom Weight Scales offer highly accurate thin-film load cell, centered balanced for overload protection on side loads. Capable of continuous measurements, excellent long-term stability, and unsurpassed repeatability, for critical measurements. Rugged scale designs, splash resistant, many color and material options. Approximately 90% of Strain Measurement Devices' products are custom designed: meeting the specialized needs of OEM's. Strain Measurement Devices’ engineering team can design a system and sensors with unique requirements.


Features: Applications:
· Compact, low profile design
· High long-term stability 
· Low power consumption
· Low Hysteresis
· Medical instrumentation, analyzing systems
· Force displacement
· Battery powered equipment
· Food dispensing equipment 
Key Specifications:
· Capacities: 0.1 to 25 lbs
· 5,000 full Wheatstone bridge
·  Nonlinearity: 0.05%
· Nonrepeatability: 0.05%
· 0.05% Year drift

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