When it comes time to harvest agricultural crops the main goal is to see a good return on the time and effort that was invested into the growing process. Farmers and agriculturists already put so much care and attention into cultivating crops that they don’t want the method of harvesting and weighing their return to be arduous, this is where convenient sensing elements come into play.

How Load Cell Sensors Can Help Measure Crop Yields More Accurately

To understand the value that load cells can bring to yield measurement systems, let’s first define what yield actually means.  Yield is a measurement of the quantity of crop harvested over a given area. Yield is made up of two components: the weight of the harvested crop and the area of the crop.

Yield = Weight of Harvest/ Length of Crop x Width of Crop

In order to get the most accurate yield measurement possible, you must be able to record the right weight. That’s where load cells come into play, SMD Sensors offers high quality, smaller sensors that are easily fitted into a customer’s existing equipment, with a wide variety of sensing ranges, load cells specifically can be used in a number of agricultural processes. 

The series S400 Button Load Cell is designed for force measurements in applications where space is at a premium, this sensor features a full-scale capacity of up to 1000 lbs, one of our highest capacity load cells common in industrial weighing applications. This sensor can be easily installed in farming equipment and paired with technology to give an accurate and repeatable force measurement calculation, in turn providing you with the overall crop harvest amounts.

If you’re serious about maximizing your crop harvesting efforts, then contact SMD Sensors today. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, then don’t fret. Our team of experienced load cell engineers can design custom solutions that are specific to your needs.

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