If you’re a business that goes through detergent faster than you can keep it in your supply closet, it might be time to think about new system design. Whether your operations include a commercial dishwashing system, you run a drive-through car wash, own a laundromat or have a wash-down area in your production facility – the fact that detergent can get costly is likely something you already know.

We talk a lot about the benefits sensors bring to different applications on this blog, but one way they can offer immediate impact is by cutting costs.

Using load cells can give you the total amount left in the container as well as monitoring the amount used in every wash cycle.  Liquid level sensors can be used to prevent an overflow or warn of low levels so the detergent reservoir can be refilled.

With a flow meter, the water-to-detergent ratio can be kept consistent and can help curb any excessive usage or poor wash down outcomes. Issues with too much or too little of either in the mix can also lead to improper sanitation, streaks or film among other issues.

Different sensor applications, like a flow meter, load cell, the air in line sensor or a liquid level sensor can all be used to accurately monitor and help manage detergent usage and refills in your applications.

Save your staff the frustration of having to rewash or running out of detergent far sooner than predicted, find sensor solutions that work for you!

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