To operate a fishing trawler as efficiently as possible, you must have accurate sub sea pressure levels available to you. Why? Well, true commercial fishermen typically know which types of fish they want to catch. Pressure Sensors

Most trawling vessels fall into 1 of 2 general classes: bottom/benthic or midwater/pelagic. Bottom trawlers are designed to target fish just above or along the seafloor, like ocean (pink) shrimp; conversely, midwater trawlers are designed to catch schooling pelagic fish, like pacific hake and widow rockfish.

Having a pulse on pressure levels is important for both application types. After all, if your vessel is designed for midwater trawling, then you don’t want to make the mistake of getting too close to the seafloor, and vice versa. 

Getting Accurate Subsea Pressure Levels With Sensors

If you want to maximize your trawling efforts, then you should attach pressure sensors to your fishing vessel. SMD Sensors offers a variety of different pressure solutions to choose from. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, then feel free to use our pressure to liquid level calculator, or call us: our experienced engineers will help you determine the type of pressure sensor that’s right for you. 

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