Whether you’re working with variable printing machines or industrial packaging machines, the need for consistent legibility remains the same. From retail merchandising displays to mass mailings–the text you present to the reader must be aligned correctly and easy to read; if it’s not, then you might as well not print anything at all.

Now you might be wondering: How can I ensure that my machines print text and labels correctly every time? 

Answer: Make sure that they are fitted with an appropriate load cell sensor. 

How Load Cells Can Deliver Printing Accuracy Custom Load

When load cells are properly integrated into printing and stamping machines, they will help to regulate the amount of force that the machine applies to its target. Consider an industrial shrink wrap machine for example. If the print on the film comes out too light or misaligned, customers may have a hard time reading important information about the product. 

Load cells could stop this from happening. How? Load cells will “tell” the machine exactly how much force it needs to apply to the shrink wrap in order for the text to come out perfectly every time.

Need a Load Cell Solution For Your Printing Application? SMD Sensors Can Help!

We design and build load cells to meet your exact specifications. Not sure what you need? No problem! Helping you figure out which sensors are right for you is what we do best! Our team of experienced engineers know load cells inside and out. If you’re serious about the accuracy of your printing or stamping machine, then contact us today!



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