We’ve all dreamed of flying freely like a bird. Historically, the people who come closest to realizing these dreams are airplane pilots and astronauts.

…Until now, that is.

Richard Browning and the good people at Gravity Industries have been obsessing over the concept of human flight for years. Guess what they did about it?

They crafted an Iron Man-esque jet suit:

While he doesn’t exactly look like Tony Stark, Richard Browning certainly possesses the same sense of curiosity and drive to challenge what many people may have believed to be impossible.

How Our A430 Bubble Detectors Kept Browning Safe

Like Browning, we at SMD Sensors are also curious by nature. That’s why we were thrilled to be a part of this inspiring project. Before the initial prototype of the jet suit was unveiled in 2017, our A430 bubble detectors were integrated as a secondary warning device in case the primary gas level system failed. While our sensors performed their job well, Browning eventually refined the primary fuel sensing system; the new design made the secondary warning system unnecessary.

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Like Browning, our team of experienced engineers are always asking “what if.” We are not limited by what already exists; on the contrary, we will gladly create custom solutions to fit your needs.