Float Switches and Liquid Level sensors are used to determine the level of liquid present/absent in a container. Accurate, reliable, and often low costing, SMD Fluid Switch has a variety of sensors that can help your application to successfully run. In addition to measuring liquids, a float switch can control a pump, activate an alarm and even be used to control another electrical device.

Monitor rising liquid levels when a pump is activated (switches it on) when a threshold is met. Once the level is no longer determined by the switch, the pump will turn off again and continue monitoring for the next occurrence, this technique is used for things like flooding in homes/businesses. Engineers opt for the devices not only because they can be mounted in different ways and made of materials for use in different environments, but also because they are durable and can do the intended job for a great number of cycles with little need for maintenance.

Factors to consider when choosing a Liquid Level sensor

For the most accurate liquid level measurements determining the fluid used in the application is a key factor because different fluids have different characteristics. For example oil and grease are high viscosity and require a different sensor than say a sticky or corrosive material. Even specific liquid gravity plays a roll in the choice of sensor.

The layout of the liquid containing vessel is also important, thinking of mounting and the temperature, pressure requirements, and even elements like vibration. All these considerations help to achieve the most accurate measurements possible.

Conditional factors are a key consideration like would your sensor be submersed in the fluid, would you like to continuously monitor the liquid level or would you like to switch on and off monitoring. Thankfully our sister company, Fluid Switch has an extensive selection of standard fluid switches in multiple materials to help assist in application needs, more importantly being an OEM, they have the ability to create custom sensors that fit any unique requirements.

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