While any surgical procedure can be dangerous, for patients with acute, life-threatening conditions, critical surgeries being performed by doctors are especially important and a time when procedures must be followed closely and with extreme precision. In many of these scenarios, one wrong move or incorrect action could end fatally.

Critical surgeries might involve repairing tissue injury from trauma, treating burns, cleaning infections and also understanding how these conditions could affect the person being treated based on their disease and organ function.

While this hasn’t necessarily gotten easier to do over the years, thanks to modern medicine and technological innovations, critical surgeries can now be performed with the tools and systems to assist doctors throughout the process and increase the chances of a successful outcome each time.

Heart & Lung Machines

To help with critical surgeries during the time a patient is on the operating table and being worked on, heart and lung machines are used. These are also referred to as, “Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump,” and help to keep both critical organs working while the surgeon works on the body. It’s become a critical fixture especially in operating rooms where coronary artery bypasses are done or for heart and lung transplants.

Sensors for Assurance UF32210 Clamp On Flow Meter

To offer doctors under these stringent conditions some reassurance that the tools and technologies guiding the operation will not fail, it’s important that assurances are put in place.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are an integral part of the design of many heart-lung machines. They use ultrasonic transit time techniques to measure blood flow noninvasively, maintaining high sterility standards. The pumps assist by ensuring the correct amounts and flow of blood are continually being pumped through the machine. It does so by measuring the rate quickly and reliably so the heart and lungs continue to function as the surgery is happening.

SMD Sensors offers clamp on flow sensors in various sizes as well as a customized option so that different tubing widths will fit. It is designed in a way that allows the soft plastic tubing to be easily inserted with the help of coupling gel or grease.  Manufacturers of heart-lung machines can count on the FlowDAQ and our noninvasive flow meters to improve speed and accuracy on critical surgeries.

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