Reagent fluid good for mass weighing for flow rate Fluid rate measurement can be done a number of ways. The method used typically depends on the fluid material that needs to be monitored.

Measuring flow in tubes can be done through the use of various flow meter types including, paddle wheels, ultrasonic flow meters, and vortex flow meters. However, most flow meter manufacturers actually use weight scales to calibrate their flow meters. custom precision low profile weight scales

Measuring Flow Rate

For flow rate measurements of liquid using a scale, the fluid is placed into a container and on the platform of one of our many low profile precision weight scales. The weight is then taken at the start of the procedure and ensuing weight measurements are taken at frequent intervals. The change in weight is divided by the amount of time it takes to calculate the rate of flow.

This solution is accurate, straightforward and generally inexpensive. The precision scale never comes into contact with the liquid keeping high sterilization procedures and the scale platform can be made in any number of materials.

Scales from SMD Sensors

Precision weight scales are a simple yet elegant product-line here at SMD. Equipped with a full Wheatstone bridge through the use of our thin-film strain gauge technology. The low profile scales are calibrated with custom electronics with tight accuracy including non-linearity, non-repeatability, and percentage-per-year drift. Rugged construction is also augmented by features such as splash resistance, RF immunity, overload protection, and unlimited color and material selection. Weight tray designs can be customized to fit a range of container shapes and include features like bottle stabilizing clips to secure the vessel in place.

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