Here’s a closer look at way autoclavable sensors are critical in life-saving applications and what SMD Sensors can offer. 

What Is Autoclavable?

What does saying “Autoclavable Sensors” mean? Autoclavable devices require compatibility with high heat, moisture, and often bleach or other high pH fluids. Medical devices that come in contact with human tissues or fluids that are considered to be high-risk devices; since these devices require sterilization, they must undergo autoclave processes after each procedure. Hygienic medical devices that require autoclave operations might include surgical staplers, surgical robots, handheld surgical devices, dental tools, or medical examination procedures. Our autoclavable sensors can even be used in tough industrial and aerospace applications where longevity and survival are imperative.  Read more about our autoclavable technology here.

Autoclave Sensor Solutions

Autoclave tolerant sensors are specifically designed to maintain their integrity and survive over 100 cycles of sterilization in both USA and EU compliant autoclave cycles. SMD Sensors uses our own patented Thin Film deposition process to produce Autoclavable sensors. This process produces a sensor and lead-outs that is devoid of any organic materials whatsoever and has either solderable contacts or gold probe-able lead-outs. S402 Button Load CellThe sensing film itself is hermetically sealed with a vitreous glass deposition. The entire thin-film structure is under 0.001” thick. This small-scale allows our P940 Pressure Sensorsensors to be designed into micro-miniature applications and take up very low vertical space in the design envelope. 

Our sensors are proven to survive over 100 autoclave cycles; in order to do so, a “population” of sensors are tested to over 300 cycles without detriment to all of the critical parameters, such as zero offset, span, mechanical and thermal performance retention. Redundancy is also possible on these devices as dual, independent bridges or sensing circuits can be produced on the same miniature sensor.   This is a benefit not only for the survivability but also for moment comparison and/or rejection and sensing of moments and other forces. 

Custom Designed Sensor Solutions

Both button load cells and our metal pressure sensors have the ability to be customized and made to be autoclavable with high temperature and capacity capabilities while performing repeatable and accurate measurements. Pressure sensors can also be easily welded to fittings or designed with custom fittings to fit into your high purity vessel. We’ve invested in the engineering to bring these devices to fruition in modern tough service environments so that they can be relied on to produce reliable and repeatable results in critical sensing operations where failure is not tolerable. 

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