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Miniature Load Cells, Strain Gauge Sensors, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors - Strain Measurement Devices
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Custom Engineering

Strain Measurement Devices  provides a seemingly infinite variety of miniature sensors to accurately measure force, pressure, acceleration, and other physical parameters.  Approximately 90% of SMD products are custom designed, these sensors meet the more specialized needs of OEMs. SMD's peerless engineering team designs custom sensors for unique requirements and aggressive cost targets. Typical specialized requirements include small sizes, high temperature, low capacities, "Cenelec" dielectric, and overload-proof sensors. SMD's familiarity, especially with state-of-the-art medical products, has led to the development of complete, value-added, SMD produced subassemblies, which incorporates one or more sensors, signal conditioning, electronics, and other features. Products range from sensors to fully packaged transducers to data acquisition systems. This value-added capability is becoming one of the fastest growing parts of the business.

We can mesh all our capabilities together  to provide you with a custom engineered sensor or sensing system like no one else can.

We specialize in but are not limited to:

  • Load cell and pressure sensor design
  • Occlusion sensing
  • Non-contact pressure and flow detection
  • Ultrasonic bubble detection
  • Medical sensing needs for critical fluid care dispensing and monitoring
  • Ultra-small and precision sensors
  • Toco-dynamometer sensors (SMD is one of the world's largest suppliers)
  • Optical planometers
  • Peripheral medical devices and packaging to sense weight, force or pressure
  • Laboratory instrument sensing subassemblies
  • Custom and standard fluid level sensing using ultrasonic and float level sensing
  • Industrial force and pressure measurements and custom assemblies

We can work from your specifications or help you generate the key parameters to be monitored experimentally.  We can work from your Finite Element Analysis or create our own to simulate our designs before any parts are machined.

Feel free to explore some examples of our custom sensor designs.

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