Bioprocessing is a broad term encompassing the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products prepared from or used by biological systems, including food, feed, fuels, biopharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. In other words, bioprocessing is the alteration or application of biologically derived materials for use as products or feedstocks to formulate products beneficial to society.

sensors for reactors to make microbiology more accurateThe bioprocessing industry requires the frequent and repeated use of liquid-based operations. To support these applications both flow rate, and fluid level must be closely monitored and maintained. The question is: what’s the best way to accomplish this? 

Utilizing non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters for day-to-day flow management makes processes more accurate and repeatable. With the use of sensors, applications can be automated and if there are any errors the system can automatically stop and notify the user to troubleshoot any issues inflow or liquid level.

How Flow Meters Make Flow Management Simple

Flow meters have sensors inside of them that can automate both flow and fill rates. To prevent the sensor from contaminating the liquid, flow meters come in a clamp-on style: the meter clamps on to the outside of the tubing, which allows for accurate non-invasive measurement.  Ideally, it’s best to have a flow meter that offers real-time management. This way, the pump speed can be adjusted manually when needed.  

What Makes Our Flow Sensors So Unique?Flow Meters

The flow meters engineered at SMD Sensors offer exceptional time resolution in lower flow rates. SMD flow rate technology combines an in-line or clamp-on flow meter sensor or multiple sensors, that work with the FlowDAQ® electronic touch screen module for information on flow, system settings, and control of the flow meter sensor. The FlowDAQ® system can integrate time-of-flight, temperature, speed of sound, and signal strength parameters to determine flow rate, accumulated flow volume, viscosity, density, and even fluid identity.

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