Farmers today are under constant pressure to produce consistent quality crops for consumer consumption. In addition to great weather and soil, the need for water as a critical element in achieving these yield demands.

Crop Yield is Vital for Today’s Farmers

A number of factors must be considered by farmers located across the nation if they want to achieve growth and success. Typical temperatures, precipitation and even hours of sunlight will dictate which crops will produce the most fruitful outcome.

Without proper precipitation levels, crops suffer which is why stopping this is a key focus. The plants that stress during important growth periods end up with subpar quality produce and food waste issues that are critical to overcoming.

How Sensors Can Help

Once an understanding of which crops to grow and where to plant them is decided, the next step is choosing a watering system that delivers just the right amount of water needed to plants. This is the best way to control the outcome. 

FM20 Multilevel Fluid Switch

Sophisticated irrigation systems which incorporate sensors that measure moisture levels in the soil and send a signal for when watering should begin and end. These are critical in modern farming operations.

A number of applications work together to make irrigation systems work as intended. This includes the use of pumps to deliver the water, tanks to store the element and contain pressure needed to deliver the irrigation. In addition, piping and tubing laid across the crops with sensors and timers all work together to make the accurate scheduling, setting, and activation of water delivery possible. 

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SMD Sensors offer solutions that can assist with distributing precise volumes of water for crops based on requested parameters. Our custom flow meters can be used to measure flowrates based on unique customer needs or you can choose from level sensors to monitor tank levels and ensure your produce is getting the watering it needs to grow healthy. 

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