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The FlowDAQ® is an electronic module equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen for display and control. The touch screen shows information on flow and system settings, allows zero calibration, and is compatible with most SMD flow sensors. This ultrasonic flowmeter system is designed to measure flow in plastic and rubber tubes based on transit time difference measurements between upstream and downstream ultrasonic signals, which is proportional to flow velocity. The system can measure flow rate, accumulated flow volume, sound speed in liquid, and signal strength. The system can be connected to a computer through the UART serial port using a USB-Serial converter cable and configured using the system software. Instantaneous flow rate, flow history, and ultrasonic waveform can be displayed on a computer screen graphically. Flow information can also be exported and saved as data files for further analysis.

This module comes in mountable and benchtop options to best fit your application's needs.

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