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Custom Occlusion Sensors provide reliable force sensing performance in a compact commercial-grade package at a cost-effective price. The sensor features Strain Measurement Devices' 10,000 OHM thin-film strain gauge technology applied to a stainless steel substrate providing an mV/V, mA, or digital output. The sensor gives a linear output when force is applied to the stainless steel ball. The substrate under the ball flexes in such a way that half of the Wheatstone bridge is in tension and the other half is in compression. The stainless steel substrate provides a physically robust sensor that has a linear temperature coefficient, unsurpassed accuracy, high repeatability, and reliable operation. Custom packages are available to meet specific needs.

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· Analog/digital output
· Unsurpassed accuracy
· Low power consumption
· Robust design
· Temp. compensated easily
· Custom force ranges

· Medical instrumentation
· Noninvasive sensing
· Peristaltic pumps
· Syringe pumps
· Kidney dialysis
· Occlusion detection

Occlusion Sensors are used in many medical devices for detecting an occluded (blocked) tube

A tube is clamped against the sensor and a load cell measures the force exerted by the tube

Downstream occlusion sensors: If the tubing downstream of a peristaltic pump is occluded then the pressure in the tube will increase, causing an increase in force on the load cell

Upstream occlusion sensors: If the tubing upstream of the pump is occluded this will create a vacuum in the tube, causing a decrease in the preload on the load cell

Our manufactured load cells that can be integrated into customer-designed occlusion sensors in addition to full-featured calibrated assemblies that include a load cell, housing, lid, sealing and mounting features, and electronics.

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