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CQV-DEV Capacitive Level Sensor Development Kit

The CQV8300 Development Kit showcases the capabilities of our CQV Capacitive Level Sensor. Included in the kit are four CQV1000 flexible sensors, a CQV8243 control board with the necessary cables, and a bottle. The CQV Capacitive Level Sensor is flexible and capable of mounting to non-conductive vessels with a smooth surface with a minimum bend radius of 5/16”. The sensor provides an accurate and repeatable output of liquid level measurement from 0% full to 100% full by utilizing the liquids’ permittivity across the container to non-invasively determine whether liquid is present inside the vessel.  The sensor connects to CQV8423 via a 16 pin flat flex connector, capable of thousands of plug-unplug cycles.

Due to the capacitive nature of this sensor, the container must not be made out of any metallic material. A container material with a relative permittivity between 2.0 and 8.0 can be used with this sensor. A table of some materials within this permittivity is show below. Generally, plastics and glass vessels work best for this sensor. The vessel should be made as thin as possible to improve performance.

The CQV control box can connect to a PC interface and outputting continuous liquid level measurements at regular intervals as fast as 50ms per update. The device is capable of continuous output or call-and-respond outputs to precisely control the output data rate. Output modes are USB serial stream or I2C. The control box processes signals from a CQV sensor and precisely calculates the liquid level using a proprietary algorithm which compensates for a variety of environmental and physical factors which could influence the output.

The control board is capable of easy re-calibration to compensate for drastic changes in environment, vessel, liquid, or other factors which normally impact capacitive level sensors.

This development kit is an excellent first step towards a modern and non-invasive measurement system in your products. Contact us for custom solutions to your liquid sensing needs!

Dev Kit Includes


Part Number


Flexible Capacitive Sensor, No Adhesive



Flexible Capacitive Sensor, With Adhesive



CQV Control Box



Plastic Bottle



USB Cable




User Manual Dev Kit Datasheet Controller Datasheet Sensor Datasheet