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S200 – 0100

The S200 Load Cell is single point and low profile for accurate measurements of force up to 1000 N. The thin-film, metal strain gauge circuit enables a long-term stability of better than 0.1% per year, offering many options on various specification and mounting configurations. A 10,000 Ω Wheatstone bridge offers extremely low power consumption for extended battery life in portable products, and can be used with a rigidly mounted or to measure tensile or compression forces. 

· Low hysteresis
· Low power consumption
· High, long-term zero point stability
· Compact, low profile design
· Suited for OEM applications
· Medical devices
· Laboratory instruments 
· Robotics 
· Food dispensing 
· Industrial weighing


For a product drawing and more product specs, please click on the data sheet link below.

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