Ultrasonic Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor

Strain Measurement Devices has been hard at work engineering and designing new disposable sensors for each product line, offering contamination free and inexpensive sensors to help you with the monitoring in your application. One of these new sensors is the Capacitance Liquid Level sensor that detects fluids in all non-metallic containers, through the use of ultrasonic technology.

The Capacitance Level Sensor detects the level of a liquid inside the vessel from its non invasive mount, outside the container. The capacitance level sensor come equipped with an easy peel-and-stick attachment allowing users to attach this low-cost sensor to the outside of bags, plastic containers, glass bottles and ceramic vessels (non-metallic containers).

A unique power-on calibration feature allows users to attach the sensor to any non-conductive vessel for accurate detection of internal fluid volume. Because the sensor remains outside the vessel as to not contaminate any important fluid, perfect for sterilized applications where fluid needs to be closely monitored.  The permanent fixture of the sensor is the box in-which alerts the user that the sensor is, on and detecting liquid level in the container.