This module was custom built by engineers at Strain Measurement Devices for multiple reasons: to highlight a number of different sensors offered by the company, to feature the way sensors can be easily custom built into housing units with multiple sensor and application functions, as well as showcasing how each sensor works independently and as a part of a unit. 

The Air-In-Line Detector is used in this unit with with a siphon pump that moves the liquid from one chamber to another,  when the liquid is removed from chamber one, the detector signals there is air in the line and switches the pump to chamber two. Next is the combination Bubble and Occlusion sensor that detects air in line and any pressure build up in the tube, like pinching or a blockage in the line, if either event occurs the pump shuts off completely and has to be manually restarted. This unit comes equip with a dial to introduce bubbles into the line and a clamp to cause a blockage in the line to demonstrate how the sensor reacts.  The final demo sensor is an optical liquid level sensor that uses ultrasonic technology to sense the level of water, signalling the need to switch the pump from one chamber pump to another.

Strain Measurement Devices offers a vast portfolio of standard and custom made sensors for applications across almost every market. With six growing product lines we are able to solve many needs, in special housing and packaging that works best for your needs. To view any custom sensors, like the combination Bubble/Occlusion sensor please click here, from critical fluid management measurements to force sensor measurements.