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Electrical Tester Job Description:

Job Purpose:

Tests and measure finished products, components, or assemblies for functioning, operation, accuracy, or assembly to verify adherence to functional specifications.



  • Reads dials and meters to verify functioning of equipment according to specifications.
  • Analyzes and interprets CAD Drawings, sample data, and other materials to determine, change, or measure specifications or inspection and testing procedures.
  • Marks items for acceptance or rejection, records test results and inspection data, and compares findings with specifications to ensure conformance to standards.
  • Inspects materials, products, and work in progress for conformance to specifications.
  • Computes and/or calculates sample data and test results.
  • Electronic & mechanical assembly
  • Uses electronic, hand, power, and pneumatic tools
  • Customize products and make adjustments or repairs according to written specifications
  • Packages finished product for customer shipment
  • Maintains all work related equipment, passive load, test fixtures, etc.
  • Maintains and writes work procedures and all related documentation for each task performed


Skills / Qualifications:

  • Experience in Electrical Testing using various testing equipment and tools
  • Experience using a Multi-Meter, Power Supply and Oscilloscope
  • Ability to explain the conversion of millivolts to millivolts per volt.
  • Ability to explain how to calculate basic percentages.
  • Ability to explain a situation where you would change decimals on a Multi-Meter.
  • Ability to explain a situation where you would change between amperage and volts on a Power Supply.
  • Ability to explain a situation where you would adjust the range on an Oscilloscope.
  • Explain how you would use a Digital Volt Meter (Fluke Meter)
  • Ability to show proficiency using excel. Write out the Excel formulas for Sum function and Average function.


Skills / Qualifications – Not necessary but Preferred:

  • Define and explain Ohm’s Law.
  • Ability to write out the Excel formulas for the following:
    • Standard Deviation function
    • Explain how to use Conditional formatting