Clean in Place (CIP) systems are an important element in creating hygienic environments for pharmaceutical, biotech, and food & beverage processing plants. With these systems in place, it’s possible to maintain sanitary compliance and to ensure product quality without slowing down the efficiency of operations.

To achieve this level of cleanliness, a CIP system uses wash down methods for the equipment in use. The goal is to get it clean without having to disassemble the entire machine using a mixture of cleaning agents, steam and water.

Accuracy is possible thanks to the use of flow meters with these applications to ensure delivery of the cleaning mechanisms needed. Depending on the build-up and debris needing to be cleaned for example, a certain amount of chemical might need to be dispensed and mixed with water, or more pressure from the spraying nozzles may be required. In terms of flow measurement, knowing how much liquid or steam is being released during the wash down methods (especially if changes occur in the flow) ensures proper cleaning has happened.

UF31210 Flow MeterNon-contact Flow Meters for Clean in Place

To measure in a sanitary setting, the use of non-contact flow meters that clamp-on and are mounted to the outside of tubes and pipes is necessary. Measurements are made based on acoustic signals and there is no worry about fluids needs to make contact with the sensor for the measurement.

SMD Sensors offers a number of solutions for non-invasive flow measurement. Available in both plastics and stainless steel, these solutions can measure low flow rates with extreme accuracy as well as turndown ratios, temperature, signal strength and a number of other parameters. Our UF SERIES of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters are perfect for meeting hygienic standards.

In need of a custom flowmeter? We offer the ability to fully customize our solutions to meet your specialized design requirements.


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